Middle School

School – Seven Crappy Hours of Our Lives

Class – Come Late And Start Sleeping

Finals – Fudge, I Never Actually Learned Something


Cummer Valley

Middle School

Why does being in the Gifted Program make teachers expect more from us? They always give us harder punishments and they act as if just because we’re gifted, means we’re supposed to have better grades, better listening, better memory, better EVERYTHING. It gets irritating at times.

Other than that, Cummer’s okay. Us gifted peeps get twice the amount of homework than regular classes, but that’s okay, thanks to Mr.Lee’s daily mountains of math.

It is kind of boring sometimes. And it’s hot. They don’t even put on the air conditioning. The teachers obviously don’t play Clash of Clans, or else they’d know where to strategically place the fans. It’s like Hurricane Katrina, with 15 fans blowing your worksheets everywhere.

I miss McKee. Especially the library. At least you can borrow books during the library periods, unlike Cummer, where you have to wait afterschool to borrow a simple book.

Anyways, I hope you all have an amazing time at your schools. I’ll be writing one of these entries soon enough.




Yearly Reflection

It’s strange knowing that I’ll graduate in 9 days. So, this post is about my “wonderful” (and last) year at McKee. I’m looking forward to middle school, but I’ll still miss McKee. Some events that I thought stood out more than the rest that I’ll elaborate on later are:

– EOEC Trip

– Trip to the House of Commons

– 2015 Speech Contest

Starting with, the ever so popular EOEC Trip. It stands for Etobicoke Outdoor Education Centre. It’s an overnight trip, where you learn more about nature and the outside world. Our class’s trip was scheduled in the winter, which meant not only long, cold hikes that left you numb, but amazing food, cool activities, and no mosquitoes.

Next up, the trip to the House of Commons that nobody enjoyed or even remembered except me.. It was awesome. Most of the information they gave us on the tour we already knew, but there were some cool things we got to see in person, like one of the first diamonds mined in Ontario, the mace and cup, having a mini debate at the end and meeting some ministers. I enjoyed it.

Lastly, the Speech Contest. The contest’s about two people from each grade four and five class’s make a speech about a topic that  they support and believe would help society. Some examples are “Why Videogame Time Should be Limited” or “Why Underage Kids Shouldn’t Have Acess to Social Media”. It was challenging, fun and nerve wracking. (Those three adjectives don’t go together).

So, these three events, plus all the work, friends, problems, trouble, joy, sadness and teamwork, that sums up my last year at McKee. I hope you enjoyed.




Reading Response

Q: Pick an animal to describe the main character. Explain why you chose that animal and how it represents the character.

A: A bird. I think a bird would represent the main character because birds are meant to be fly and be free. The main character, Nicolas, is a slave in Ancient Rome. He’s forced to work in the mines with his sister. He was sent down a huge hole which people believed to contain treasure at the bottom. He’s supposed to retrieve a certain amulet that gives power to the bearer. Nicolas tried to steal it and escape with a griffin he made friends with, but he was caught. Now, before he was sent into the hole, he had overheard a general talking about plans to take over Rome. The general had assumed Nick would die down there. But, if he retrieved the amulet, and stayed silent, the general would award Nick and his sister with riches and a proper job. After he escaped the hole, he got caught… AGAIN. But some kind, rich Romans took him under their wing. So, that was a “brief” summary of the story. Nick, along with the other slaves, believe they should be free, and birds, are known to be peaceful and free.

Q: List 3 ways the main character might die.

A: Struck by lighting: Who knows… Zeus might be having a bad morning. Plus, that happened to Nick’s father so…

Killed in the Coliseum along with some other slaves who were sent to fight: I doubt he has any talents. Plus, the soldiers’ll obviously check him for extra weapons.

His pet griffin might be agitated, or just plain irritated, which would result in Nick losing an arm or leg: We’re talking about a 3 meter long beast with razor sharp claws and a literal katana for a beak so..

Reading Response

What would happen if Mr.Lee was in the story? Explain how it would change the storyline.

In the story, Bella (the main character) and her family (the Cullens) are facing a huge threat from the Volturi, a vampire clan that wipes out any dangerous vampires that pose a threat to humans. One of the clan members claimed that the Cullens committed an inexcusable crime. Now, Carlisle (the head of the Cullen family) is gathering old vampire friends and relatives to act as witnesses, and if the encounter comes to a battle, extra fighters.

Mr.Lee would either be a member of the Volturi’s guard, or he’d be one of Carlisle’s old friends. It would change the story because firstly, if he was a member of the Volturi’s guard, then that would mean plus one indestructible, overpowered, rock hard vampire to deal with. If he was on Carlisle’s side, he’d maybe challenge Emmet (one of the strongest vampires in the family) to an arm wrestling match.

What would happen if you included one of your friends in the story? Would they survive until the end?

Lancey, one of my friends would probably take Carlisle’s side and act as a witness. Since she’s pretty fast as a human, she’d teach Edward (the fastest in the Cullen family) a lesson as a vampires. I think she’d survive until the end because (SPOILER ALERT) luckily, when they encountered the Volturi, the Volturi listened. There was no bloodshed.

Animal Cruelty

Stop the Animal Abuse
Stop the Animal Abuse

Animal cruelty. The merciless act of killing an animal for its attributes, its habitat or even worse, for entertainment.

This never-ending problem has been going on since the Roman times. Animals were sent to huge arenas such as the Colosseum to fight gladiators. Over 9,000 animals were killed during those games. Animals that used to be commonly found now seem rare, such as the African elephant.

We can stop this by:

•Spreading awareness

•Find different materials that substitute for the skins, horns, tusks or fur of the animals

•Join Eco-Friendly clubs and learn more about these issues



A Trip To Venice

I’d like to visit Venice for many reasons. The atmosphere, the attractions, and the weather. After Track N’ Field, I’d like nothing better than jumping into those rivers they use as lanes for boats and not touching a single finish line.

I’m planning to fly from Toronto, Ontario to Venice, Italy.

-I’d bring:

•My iPad & charger

•All of my good books

•Money, passport & tickets


•A brochure/guide/map for the trip

•A list of the major attractions to visit

•A hotel reservation

•A mini fan (supposedly temperatures can go up to 25°, and that’s only at night!)


-This is the budget for part of the trip:

The flight ticket: $1,931

Marconi hotel reservation: $195

Spare money for shopping (maybe for buying items from kiosks): $75


-The flight would take around 9hrs.

When I arrive, I’ll need to know a couple of things. One, how much would a refreshing cup of coffee cost me? More importantly, will they accept a dollar bill? Where are the toilets?

•Apparently, in Venice, they accept not only credit cards and dollar bills, but other forms of payment like gold & coins.

•A cup of coffee would cost me a demanding 15 euros.

•In Venice, you actually have to pay around a penny (or more) to go to the bathroom. To foreigners, it seems quite absurd, and some travellers in urgent need actually cause fights.
















Activity 8


8. Find an image that has a relaxing feel to it. Write a poem remembering to give attribution correctly.

R eflect on your positive times, not the negative

E ven in the darkest times, look for the light

L ots of people don’t have what you have, so benefit from what you have.

A nything’s possible if you try

X -Rays would be jealous of what’s inside you


Pic taken by: Me!